Diane Douglas Sets the Record Straight

Diane Douglas, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, has issued the following statement:

The pro-Common Core syndicate has now dumped over $740,000 into a last-minute smear campaign against me.

Their desperate attacks are filled with the usual falsehoods and distortions but $740,000 is a lot of money to spend in just a few days.

I need you to talk to your friends and tell them the truth about me and about my campaign. Here is the real record.

Campaign Volunteer:

Mr. Harris volunteered and helped out as treasurer during the early part of my primary campaign. He has not been involved since May, 2014. The attacks against Mr. Harris are filled with distortions and fabrications. The fact that outside money is being used to attack a volunteer and a private citizen is proof that they cannot win on the issues. Arizonans are tired of this type of underhanded campaigning. I pray that the voters will see through these desperate, last-minute attacks.

City of Glendale Election:

I never advocated for the building of the resort in Glendale. I did oppose the wasteful and futile lawsuits by the Glendale City Council against the Tohono O’odham project. I have always put a priority on the safety of our students and our schools. While I served on the Peoria School Board, I championed the effort to implement a closed campus policy for our high schools.


I have over 20 years experience studying and proudly serving the Arizona education system – both public and private – at all levels. While I was on the school board, I fought against secret arrangements that funneled education money away from the classroom. We must put more money into the classroom and that is what I will work to do as your State Superintendent.

Here is a story from the Peoria Times that tells more about my record of service on the school board.

We continue to receive support from some of the state’s most prominent conservative leaders. Arizona Senate President Andy Biggs recently endorsed our campaign. Here is what he had to say.

“Diane is the best candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Diane has real-world experience fighting corruption and back-room deals. Her efforts put more education dollars in the classroom, where the money belongs. She has a passion for learning and a vision for improving the education of our children. I hope you will join me in supporting and voting for Diane Douglas.” – Senate President Andy Biggs

Don’t let the special interests buy this election. Please make sure to tell your friends the truth about our campaign and urge them to join you in voting to put children and parents first – remind them to Vote for Diane Douglas for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Thank you for your support.


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