Diane Douglas to be Special Guest on Tonight’s Russell Pearce Show

Please tune in to 960 AM The Patriot and join former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce and special guest Diane Douglas on Saturday, May 24 at 7:00 pm.  Diane is running for the Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction against John Huppenthal.  Diane has been endorsed by nationally recognized conservative political commentator, blogger, and author Michelle Malkin.  Superintendent Huppenthal recently referred to anyone who opposes Common Core as "barbarians at the gate."

This is a live broadcast.  Please call in at 602-508-0960. www.ThePatriot.com.

Topics:  Education, whose job is it?  Common Core, School Choice, Standards, Accountability, Parental Rights, and much more. 

Also in the studio will be Tom Husband, former Chairman of Maricopa County Republicans, and Royce Flora, Maricopa County Chief Deputy Treasurer.     

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