Do You Feel Safe?

The following Letter to the Editor, written by Chairman of the Gila County Republican Committee Gary Morris, was ignored by Pete Aleshire, the leftist-leaning editor of the Payson Round-Up.

In late 2008, Vice President Biden bragged about President Obama, "Watch, we’re going to have an international crisis…to test the mettle of this guy."

Well, the first of many "tests" began in June 2009 with the democratic uprising in Iran. Obama did little, and the uprising was crushed. Obama missed a golden opportunity to stop Iran’s production of a nuclear bomb.

In 2012, Obama was caught on an open microphone whispering a very disturbing message to the then Russian President Medvedev; to tell Putin "After my election, I have more flexibility."

Next was the attack on our embassy in Benghazi that killed our ambassador and three brave American defenders. Rather than take command of the crisis, Obama abandoned his position and went to bed. The following morning, he flew to Las Vegas to raise money for democrats.

The Boston bombing killed 17 and injured 300 and was the 5th penetration by terrorists to a target on Obama’s watch. Russia had twice warned U.S. officials about the two brothers, and the Obama Administration took no action. During President Bush’s 7 years following the 2001 attacks not one terrorist penetrated to a target. Do you feel safe?

The next "test" was the so called "redline" established by Obama in Syria. When it was crossed by Syrian dictator Assad’s forces, Obama did little.

Earlier this year, Putin played the weak and indecisive Obama and invaded the country of Ukraine. Obama’s "flexibility" was to send the Ukrainian military "Meals Ready to Eat" rather than weapons and other support.

Obama threw away the fruits of victory when he pulled ALL our troops out of Iraq. This created a huge security vacuum which allowed the Islamic terrorist organization ISIL to roll across the northern part of Iraq and Syria murdering thousands of Christians and Iraqi citizens. And the ISIL continues to take more ground. Do you feel safe?

Obama’s incompetence continues to escalate. When ISIL terrorists beheaded an American captive, Obama went golfing. When a British captive was beheaded by ISIL, British Prime Minister Cameron called an emergency meeting of Parliament and elevated the country’s alert system.

In his speech to the country in September, Obama stated in his opening remarks, "Now, let’s make two things clear, ISIL is not Islamic." Astonishing ignorance! I doubt many Americans agree.

The day after the funeral of a woman who was beheaded in Oklahoma by an Islamic terrorist, the Obama Administration sent a high ranking official to the very mosque which the terrorist attended with a letter of thanks from  President  Obama for the mosque’s community work. Stunning incompetence!

The Obama Administration claims the border with Mexico is secure. Then how did more than a hundred thousand Central American teenagers make it across our southern border? If teenagers can do it, how many terrorists have crossed?

The Obama Administration’s philosophy on open borders allowed an Ebola affected citizen of Liberia to travel to the United States unchallenged where he died two weeks later in Dallas.

And, if you like "big government, " as do Democrats, then consider this. It took the Center of Disease Control (CDC), 5 days to assemble a de-contamination team in Dallas to enter the affected man’s apartment to remove body fluid soiled bedding and other contamination.

To add to his utter incompetence, Obama has appointed a political hack, Gary Klain, to be his Ebola Czar and who has no medical background or emergency management skills. What’s needed for this crisis is a General Honoree, who went to New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, and rapidly brought order and emergency services to the devastated city and who famously stated, "You’re stuck on stupid" to a reporter’s uninformed question regarding emergency management activities.

President Obama, you’re stuck on stupid and you’re demonstrating stupid every day!

The reader should understand that Obama is the head of the Democrat Party. His actions represent his democrat base. Don’t believe me? During an October 20 radio interview, Obama stated Democrat candidates "supported my agenda in Congress" and "were strong allies and supporters." That means every democrat in elected office, all the way down to state and local offices, is a participant in Obama’s support base.

If you are worried, as I am, about Obama’ s incompetence and his inability to protect you, then you should NOT vote for any democrat candidate!

If you seek security and protection, vote for any Republican!  They have a long history of being far more committed to protecting the homeland.

Gary P. Morris, Chairman Gila County Republican Party

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