Does the name Carlos Alvarez Mean Anything to you?

Did you see the March 16 article “Miami-Dade Voters Recall Big-Spending Mayor by 9 to 1 Margin,” in American Thinker?

The voters of Miami-Dade got sick and tired of ponying up more of their hard-earned money to support the big spending habits of their former Mayor Carlos Alvarez.  When he pushed successfully for a property tax-rate increase, they couldn’t show him the exit fast enough. Here’s the link:

Our own incumbents, Linda ‘Pelosi” Abbott, Dave Crozier, and Les Presmyk, running for reelection on 5/17/2011, aren’t much different than this former mayor.   After going on a $90 million spending spree in January/February 2009, these big spenders had the gall to try to ram tax increases down our throats in May of 2009, June 2009, and again in May 2010. 

What does a tenured school teacher and two utility company bureaucrats know about free markets?  What do they know about relying on business ownership for their livelihood?  They know zilch about Gilbert’s budget, and even less about land values.

As long as they remain in office, tax increases will be their constant mantra.  There is never enough money to satisfy the bottomless pit of hunger of liberal-leaning politicians.

Do you want to keep fighting them?  Or do you want to vote in Victor Petersen and Jordan Ray, so you can get back to living your life? 

Mayor John Lewis and Council Member Jenn Daniels have repeatedly voted AGAINST tax increases.  Eddie Cook, who will take office in June 2011 has repeatedly fought against tax increases.

Only when tax increases are not an option do you find the solution to your spending problem.