Doug Little Responds to a Recent Email from Senator Russell Pearce

No one has been more supportive of Russell Pearce than Gilbert Watch. Unfortunately, Senator Pearce has sent out an email that has grievously mischaracterized Doug Little’s true stands on critical issues. Senator Pearce’s email took statements out of context, and twisted Doug Little’s meaning in other statements. If you were the recipient of this unfortunate email, please see Doug Little’s response. Also, for more Truth about Doug Little, please read Doug Little’s Presentation on Gun Rights and the Second Amendment.

"This is a perfect example of what I was talking about in those remarks. I say voters are turned off by extreme ‘in your face’ arguments about immigration or abortion, and suddenly I’m ‘open-borders’ and ‘pro-choice?’ Anyone who knows me at all can tell you about my deep respect for life from the moment of conception, and that I’ve been an outspoken SB1070 supporter and opponent of amnesty from Day One. No one is more pro-life or anti-‘open-borders’ than me!  Next they’ll be saying I’m anti-guns!

"I get it that these folks are trying to score a point in an election. But here’s the real point: When we throw emotion-packed language around like that, when we Republicans eat our own over manufactured misunderstandings, voters turn off and tune out. Our base gets fractured, and then we lose. Thank you, Senator Pearce, for making my point so eloquently."  Doug Little, candidate for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.