Eddie Farnsworth – Past Accomplishments & Future Plans – Arizona State Representative LD22

The Arizona legislature is dominated by Republicans, yet Arizona’s budget continues to outpace revenues, and spending is at an all time high. Why? Liberal Republicans. They need to be voted out and replaced with true Conservatives. The most able Conservative Republican from LD22 is Eddie Farnsworth. If other legislative districts replace liberal Republicans with Conservatives, Arizona will have a fighting chance to avoid becoming another California.

Back in 2004, Eddie Farnsworth and other Conservatives came close to heading off the multi-billion dollar budget deficit we now face. Had they been successful, there would not have been a need for Prop 100, the recently passed sales tax increase. But, they were outnumbered by RINOS who supported Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano’s budget, which contained an increase of $1 billion. Here’s an article from that time period.


(Note: If you cannot link to this article, you can find it in its entirety on Gilbert Watch titled "Conservative Legislators See Red Over State Budget, Republican ‘Traitors’")

So, how do you reign in out of control spending? Eddie Farnsworth advocates a zero-based budget process. Instead of starting with a baseline budget from last year’s spending levels, all agencies and spending would start from a baseline of zero. All agencies would have to justify their constitutional and necessary existence. If an agency is continued, it will have to justify its funding level. Constitutionally mandated agencies, such as public safety and education, would have top priority and funding.

Eddie Farnsworth’s historical record in the Legislature is consistent with his promises now.

He has fought to protect private property rights, stating that private property rights and freedom are indelibly intertwined. As you can see from this article, Eddie has stood up for the property rights of individuals against eminent domain abuses. http://castlecoalition.org/pdf/report/states/arizona.pdf

He has stood up for parental rights: http://www.ablechild.org/press release/ablechild_plugs_loopholes_5-12-04.htm

He has stood up for homeowners against the abuses of power exerted by HOA’s (Homeowner Associations): http://pvtgov.org/pvtgov/ahlis/hoa_warrior.pdf and http://www.thehoaprimer.org/nastyneighbors.htm

Here are some ratings that Eddie has earned from various organizations, which stand as a testament to his principles:

Planned Parenthood: 0
Arizona Right to Life: 100
Goldwater Institute: A-
Arizona Federation of Taxpayers: 93

Eddie is very concerned about the constant and effective erosion of state’s rights as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment of the U.S Constitution. From unconstitutional agencies like the U.S. Dept. of Education, to unconstitutional power grabs like the recently passed Obamacare, the federal government continues to ignore the constitutional restraints placed upon it. Eddie will fight for Arizona’s rights.

Visit Eddie’s website at www.eddiefarnsworth.com. Call him at 480-406-5935.

Please vote for Eddie Farnsworth in the Primary.