Executive of Charter School– Cited in Lawsuit, Theft of Items Donated to Homeless Children

Two blogs–Espresso Pundit and Sonoran Alliance–have posted stories about a pending civil lawsuit accusing Jerry Lewis of stealing items that had been donated for homeless children.

Espresso Pundit begins…. "Tell me if this is a newsworthy item: A Legislative candidate is an executive at a charter school that serves under-privileged kids. Each year the school has a major charity drive to get clothing and supplies for the kids. The drives are huge events in which members of the community are asked to donate enough book bags to fill an entire school bus. But there’s a problem. The Assistant Principal notices that the Principal–our legislative candidate–oftentimes dispenses the supplies in ways that don’t benefit children and weren’t part of the purpose of the drive. For example, he gave some of the supplies to a friend of his who then sold them at a yard sale. Meanwhile, our candidate continues to solicit donations, claiming that the kids need more supplies…."

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Your News is Carefully Scripted

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Jerry Lewis Cited in Lawsuit Theft of Items Donated to Homeless Children