by Jim Johnson

The "protect public safety" tax is a ploy which comes from "exertable force" sales training. I know because I have sat through it when it was put on by a major manufacturer. The object is offer them something they want, with add-ons. Then when they complain about the price do not remove the add-ons but take away what they want. The sales slogan was "Take away first what they want most." In the case of the Gilbert Prop 406, threaten to take away Public Safety. Actually it was very effective at making add-on sales and the customer almost always gave in and bought it because they never saw any option other than lose what they wanted and of course the sales person never told them otherwise. This technique is commonly used in things such as sales of kitchen cabinets. Design it fancier than they want, intentionally going over their budget. Then when they object to the price, offer to remove the very thing they want most, such as a lazy susan or bake center. Municipalities use this technique all across the country. Then, when that tax goes through, they come back asking for more! The voters fall for it over and over again.