Free Money from the Feds!

Trillions in debt? Defaults? Can’t make those Social Security payments? POPPYCOCK!

There’s plenty of free Obama money if you know where to look. $$$$$$$ for every want, desire, urge, feel good about yourself idea, and whim. Are you a non-profit who can’t get anywhere with those pesky “voluntary” donations? Want to start a solar business?

As long as you are engaged in one of our favored “politically correct” renewable, sustainable, environmental industries, there’s Obama money just waiting for you. Forget about those antiquated concepts like “free enterprise" and “equal opportunity.” Why be one of those suckers (entrepreneurs) who risk their own money to invest in their obsessive-compulsive, workable models? Why do the hard work of getting investors? Who needs the grief?

The U.S. Government is your One Stop Money Pot!

If someone tries to use the old “guilt trip” yarn about how the money was pilfered from the taxpayers, forgetaboutit! Pay no attention! All that money came from RICH Americans like your neighbors, friends, family, and people you don’t even know. Who cares? The FEDS know how to slide it out of their pockets into yours, where it will do some REAL GOOD!

You’ll be sitting in outdoor cafés sipping Starbucks, chatting up your pals, and letting your Government provide your health care in no time!