GCRC Resolution to Censure Gov. Jan Brewer and 14 State Legislators

On November 16, 2013, a potluck/meeting of the Precinct Committeemen representing the Gila County Republican Committee was held in Payson, Arizona.  A motion to Censure Az. Governor and 14 State Legislators was made and seconded.  The motion was approved.  A copy of the resolution had been given to everyone.


County Republican Committee
P.O. Box 3377
Payson, Arizona  85547


WHEREAS, Governor Jan Brewer conspired with 14 liberal Republican state legislators to form an alliance with the Democrat minorities in the Senate and House for the express purpose of thwarting the will of the .Republican majorities and violating the Arizona Constitution, the Republican Party Principles and the Republican Party Platform, including but not limited to the following:

•    They implemented the passage of Medicaid expansion – a key part of the disastrous healthcare plan known as ObamaCare.

•    They implemented government mandated national healthcare.

•    They approved taxpayer funding for abortions and increased funding for abortion services.

•    They expanded eligibility for welfare benefits, and invited 300,000+ new people into the welfare system.

•    They raised taxes.

•    They voted against tax relief and kept Arizona as the state with the second highest tax rate in the nation.

•    They voted against auditing the Arizona hospital bed tax.

•    They increased property taxes.

•    The only tax relief they offered was for special-interest industries who could afford to hire lobbyists.

•    They rejected a balanced budget and voted for one with a structural debt of $400 million.

•    They removed government oversight for special interests.

•    They voted against verifying citizenship as a requirement for Medicaid benefits.

•    They removed funding for English immersion for non-English-speaking students, thus ensuring the continuation of the failed, Democrat supported bilingual programs.

WHEREAS, they corrupted the legislative process by suspending the Senate and House rules and depriving the public of the opportunity to scrutinize and comment on their proposed legislation.

WHEREAS, they stymied the legislative process, dishonored American legislative traditions, stifled the fundamental precepts of fairness and openness, and violated decorum by refusing to debate.

WHEREAS, they violated the wishes of the vast majority of Republican precinct committeemen  in the state of Arizona who had overwhelmingly opposed the passage of Medicaid expansion, making their wishes known publicly in formal written resolutions.

WHEREAS, they voted in favor of national health care, disregarding the will of the voters of Arizona who amended the Arizona Constitution via Proposition l06 in 2010 to oppose national health care.

WHEREAS, they violated the separation of powers defined in the Arizona Constitution by voting for a budget amendment originated by the Executive branch of government.

WHEREAS, they violated the Arizona Constitution by surrendering the legislative authority to tax to an unelected bureaucrat in an Executive branch agency, and made such taxes subject to approval by the federal government.

WHEREAS, they forced passage of a tax increase by a simple majority vote, disregarding the will of the voters of Arizona who amended the Arizona Constitution via Proposition 108 in 1992 requiring 2/3 of the legislature to approve any measure that results in a tax increase.

WHEREAS, they were rewarded for their votes with hundreds of thousands of dollars in political campaign contributions from the Arizona Chambers of  Commerce, the healthcare industrial complex, lobbyists and special interest groups.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Gila County Republican Committee, Gila County, State of Arizona, that we do censure the following Arizona state legislators:

Gov. Jan Brewer

Sen. Steve Pierce, LD1

Sen. Rich Crandall, LD 16

Sen. John Mccomish , LD18

Sen. Robert Worsley, LD25

Sen. Adam Driggs, LD28

Rep. Doris Goodale, LD5

Rep . T.J. Shope, LD8

Rep . Frank Pratt, LD8

Rep. Ethan Orr, LD9

Rep. Heather Carter, LD15

Rep. Doug Coleman, LD16

Rep. Jeff Dial, LD18

Rep. Bob Robson, LDI8 

Rep. Kate Brophy McGee, LD28

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED by the Gila County Republican Committee, Gila County, State of Arizona , since they have disassociated themselves from Republican Principles and the Republican Party Platform, we therefore disassociate ourselves from the governor and these legislators , and encourage other Republicans to likewise disassociate themselves from any of the above who may be candidates for any office in the upcoming 2014 elections, or any election thereafter, and affirm our withholding of support of all kinds.

PASSED & APPROVED this 16th day of November, 2013, by the Gila County Republican Committee, Gila County, State of Arizona.


Gary Morris, Chairman, Gila County Republican Committee.

Click HERE to see the Resolution, signed by all GCRC Board members.