Get the Truth About Russell Pearce to the Voters!

How would you feel if someone testified against you, and lied, and because they lied, they prevailed?

There are a lot of lies being told about Russell Pearce, SB1070, and Arizona conservatives in general. Tell a lie often enough, and pretty soon people believe it. It is very important that "We the People" stand up to lies whenever we hear or read them. Sometimes all it takes is one person to stand up for the Truth.

Last Sunday, I read a Letter to the Editor in the East Valley Tribune, written by John Chiazza of Gilbert. My schedule that day didn’t include spending time crafting a response to Mr. Chiazza’s inflammatory remarks, but sometimes you have to "make time" for important matters.

What follows is my own Letter to the Editor, which was published in the EV Tribune today (May 30, 2012). Below it, you will see Mr. Chiazza’s letter.

Be prepared to write your own letter to the editor. Make it timely, and keep it short, respectful but firm, and to the point. By the way, the editors decide on the title of your letter, not you.

East Valley Tribune:
Arizona Republic:

Dislike of Obama Not because of Race

"Mr. Chiazza (“Racism still prevalent in AZ” 5/27/2012), like so many other liberals, continues to demonstrate that the Left will say and do anything in order to promote the lie that SB1070 is a “racist” law, and that Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio, Ken Bennett, Jan Brewer, and TEA party participants are “ultra right-wing” racist extremists who dislike Barack Obama because he’s part African American.

Here’s the Truth: We don’t like Obama’s expanding government, big spending, job-choking, anti-individual freedom policies.

Race is irrelevant to us.

Also, “illegal” isn’t a race, it’s a crime.

The lie about SB1070 having anything to do with racial profiling was immediately dispensed with at the Supreme Court hearing. Here’s the interchange: "No part of your argument has to do with racial or ethnic profiling, does it?" Chief Justice Roberts asked Verrilli, who replied, "That’s correct."

This runs counter to arguments made by the Left, including Attorney General Eric Holder and all the anti-SB1070 Arizona Leftists.

We aren’t racist! The Arizona Latino Republican Association, which is in favor of SB1070, isn’t racist.

The Left is always bringing up the race card. Conservatives don’t, because that isn’t the issue for us."

Anita Christy

Here is Mr. Chiazza’s Letter:

Racism still prevalent in AZ

"It should not be of any surprise that our racist elected officials in this state would be doing anything differently in raising the “birther issue” once again. We must all remember that Arizona was the last state in the union to approve MLK Day as a legal holiday.

Then came SB 1070. A racist bill that discriminates against Hispanics. These same GOP ultra-right wing elected officials such as Sheriff Joe, Gov. Brewer, Secretary of State Ken Bennett and recalled State Sen. Russell Pearce with backing by of the tea party are having a hard time realizing that a part African American may get another four years in the White House. It does not matter to these the racist minded people of this state that it has already been proven President Obama was born in the Untied States. It is very unfortunate racism has again shown up in Arizona.

The time is now for the strong majority in this state to recognize the racist elected officials have to be voted out. Democrats, Republicans and independents must realize these racist people are not serving the will of the people but only their own racist agendas."

John Chiazza