Gilbert Public Schools: Bullies on the Playground

Did you know that the Gilbert Public School District recently raised our property tax, so that the schools could continue getting their minimum entitlement? Since 2008, we citizens have been forced to live leaner and tougher, and we are better for it. The Schools are not lean nor tough. They are no different than bullies on the playground who steal our lunch money.

Did you know that not one penny of this tax increase will go to Public Charter Schools in Gilbert? Charters have no ability to raise money by tax increases and are funded about $1,600 – $1,800 per student less than District Schools. (See

The funny thing is that many charters have higher AIMS scores and have a higher rate of students going to college than the District Schools. Sure, there are some charters that are garbage, while others have very low test scores and future college students. The latter type of charter schools are usually “last chance” schools.

Charters aren’t perfect…far from it, but they have proven to do more with less for 15 years.

Why aren’t the Districts doing the same?