Gilbert School Board Divides the Community

These photos might help you understand the full impact of Karen Udall’s letter which appears above.  This is how a callous, inept, "rubber stamping" majority board pitted one set of parents and students against another.  Even so, the students of Gilbert Jr High School have worked to rise above their shabby treatment.  Their Assistant Principal, Ms. Kelly Hahn, who spoke at the 10/2 meeting about the school’s sense of family and the character of the students, is a class act who has encouraged these students to welcome GCA students.  

In the first photo, you will see the hope that Gilbert Junior High students felt before board president EJ Anderson, and board members Blake Sacha and Helen Hollands voted to close the school.  Next you will see the sheer joy of Gilbert Classical Academy parents and supporters upon learning that their kids will take over the school.  It’s obvious that they care little about the impact this has on GJHS students.  Next you see the misery this vote created for GJHS students.  The next shot is Dr. Dave Allison, EJ Anderson, Staci Burk (who voted AGAINST the closure), and Blake Sacha.  Two days later, in a candidate forum, both Lily Tram and candidate Jill Humpherys stated they would have voted to close GJHS. 

(Credit is given to Arizona Republic photographer Michael Chow.)