Gilbert Schools: Massive Resignations in 2015!

Last year, the media and Gilbert Education Association shouted from the rooftops:  "Teachers are fleeing Gilbert Schools, and it’s all the fault of the Conservative Board"!  

This year, after ginning up Gilbert voters, they got rid of those evil, fiscally responsible Conservatives and replaced them with for-the-public-good Leftists.  The result?  There are way more resignations.  What do we hear from the media and union?  Silence.

Except for one thing.  Now they are shouting from the rooftops:  "We need to pass an override!  Yes, that’s it.  We NEED MORE MONEY"!  

The problem is this.  Even when GPS has the money, the big-important-highly-paid Grand Poobahs don’t reward their teachers.  

For the best coverage of Gilbert Public Schools, look no further than Westie Connect!  To find out how GPS misspends taxpayer dollars, please read Westie’s article "Gilbert Public Schools: Line of Sight and Other Ridiculous Management Strategies."

Please read "More Resignations and Retirements in Gilbert Public Schools."  Here’s a chart from Westie’s article which shows 2014 and 2015 resignations.