Gilbert’s General Plan – Public Review Deadline is September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 is the last day that you can view and comment on the Town of Gilbert’s General Plan. Gilbert is required by state law to put a plan before voters every 10 years. The plan outlines town growth in areas such as economic development, housing, traffic, parks and trails, arts and culture and environmental issues, for the next two decades.

On 11/18/2010, the Town Council will vote for adoption, but adjustments can be made until 1/17/2011.

On 05/17/2011, residents will vote on adoption. This is the same day as Council elections.

Major amendments can be made via a single public hearing during the calendar year in which the amendment is requested. Minor amendments can be considered by the Council any time.

This is a 241-page document. I suggest that you read the Introduction, plus any particular area of interest to you.

Please use the comment form to state whatever concerns you might have.

Your Town government wishes to add services, and all it takes is "developing and achieving sustainable revenues that meet the expected demand for services."

Here is the link. You can see the names of the folks who volunteered to help create this plan by viewing the Minutes listed under each service area.