GPS Governing Board Meeting Tonight, 7/3/2012

Which would you rather do? Be with your family the evening before Independence Day, or attend a Gilbert Public Schools Board meeting and watch them vote to raise your primary property tax rate by 30%, and your secondary property tax rate by 30%? Decisions. Decisions.

The meeting starts at 7 pm and will be held at 140 S. Gilbert Rd, Building B, in the Governing Board room.


Dear Concerned GPS Tax Payers,

This coming Tuesday, July 3rd, the Gilbert Public School Board will be holding the annual budget meeting. District administration’s proposed budget has two tax increases for GPS tax payers. Within the proposed budget, there is a 30% increase on both your primary and secondary property taxes! These tax increases are in addition to the 10% tax override that will be on the ballot this November. The board will decide this Tuesday if your property taxes soar or not.
It is very important that the citizens make their concerns known! If you are able to attend the meeting on the 3rd, please voice your opinion. Your presence and voicing of opinion is very powerful! You may even wish to remind the board that their vote will have a large influence this fall when we vote for a new board. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please e-mail the board with your concerns. The e-mail address is listed below and your e-mail will go to all board members.

The agenda for the meeting is usually not posted until 24 hours prior. The link to access the agenda is below.

Please forward this information to your fellow GPS taxpayers.

Thank You,

Julie Smith

Email to all board members:

Link for Board Agenda