Hard-Working Gilbert Taxpayers Hand Out Bonuses to Gilbert Employees

Now, there’s a title you’ll never see in the Arizona Republic. I feel better having written it. It’s the truth. Sort of. We didn’t hand out the bonuses. Our elected representatives did that for us.

On December 8, five Council Members who we elected to represent us, voted to give our hard-earned tax dollars to the Town employees. Two Council Members, Victor Petersen and Jordan Ray, voted against it.

Of course, Parker Leavitt (Arizona Republic article Gilbert Employees Will Get Pay Hikes totaling $1.5 Million) was quick to call Eddie Cook, Victor Petersen, and Jordan Ray “Scrooges” for wanting to delay the vote until more data could be gathered, and in the interest of transparency. (The figures didn’t come out until 8:37 pm, after the Council meeting had begun.)

If the “Scrooges” had had their selfish way, the Town employees wouldn’t have gotten their pay raises in time for Christmas.

That low-down Victor even had the nerve to say: “I’m not sure this is in the best interest of our citizens.” GASP!!! (Won’t you ever learn to stop bringing up that word "citizens," Victor? Also, your constant Constitution-speak is wearing on the other Council members. I mean, they pass out the Constitution to the boy scouts and all that, but please.)

The Council, speaking on our behalf of course, is extremely concerned about the Town employees’ morale and turnover, because the employees’ salaries have remained flat for over 3 years. They haven’t gotten merit raises since 2007, and they haven’t gotten cost of living raises since July 2008.

The Council, speaking on our behalf of course, has hired a consultant, Bruce Lawson of Fox Lawson & Associates to conduct a massive overhaul of the Town’s compensation policy which will take several months and could result in pay increases.

Obviously, very little was said about the economic status of Gilbert taxpayers except that, based on several months of higher than expected tax revenues and building permits, the budget analyst has determined: “The economy is recovering!”

You guessed it. We Gilbert taxpayers can no longer hide the fact that we are immune from the devastation hitting government employees at all levels. We are all doing very well!!

Merry Christmas! And Have Another Prosperous New Year!!