HAVE YOU CONSIDERED Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

By Julie Von Vett and Bruce Malone
Published by Search for the Truth 

As stated on the cover of HAVE YOU CONSIDERED Evidence Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,  “For over 200 years, the American judicial system has upheld a standard so strong that a person’s very life can be ended based on this level of confidence.  It is a verdict supported by evidence that is ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’… This book is the third in a series of unique devotions presenting evidence for every day of the year that demonstrates it is beyond ANY reasonable doubt that we have a Creator."

Topics cover Anatomy, Biblical Accuracy, Biology, Botany, Christian Truth, Geology, God’s Design, History, and  Paleontology.  Below are eight summaries from 365 more detailed daily devotionals  covered in this extraordinary book.

January 25:  Again and again, archeology confirms that the Scriptures are true.  The Bible tells of slings and stones being used as deadly weapons.  David used them when he killed Goliath (1 Samuel 17), and 700 Benjamites used slings and stones and never missed (Judges 20:16).  So, what have archeologists discovered?  They now recognize that the ancient armies’ most important weapon was the sling.  See Ancient Slingshot Was as Deadly as a .44 Magnum  and Slings and Stones.  

January 28:  If the Genesis Flood really did take place, wouldn’t today’s land forms provide evidence?  They do, in folded rock layers which can be seen all over the world.  They are folded with no signs of breaking or shattering, having been made while they were still soft and pliable (like modeling clay).  Secular geologists “assume” that in the earth, under enormous pressure and high temperatures, rocks can bend without shattering.  But if that were true, there would be signs of metamorphism.  There sn’t any.  They folded without heat.  See Warped Earth and The Awesome Wonder of Wilpena Pound, Australia 

January 29: Since 1993, dinosaur bones have revealed many surprises (to secular scientists, but not to Creation scientists).  Many dinosaur fossils include real bone—they are not completely mineralized, i.e. are not yet ‘rock’.  What is found inside those dinosaur bones is a huge surprise to many people.  A series of discoveries since the early 1990s has revealed dino bones with blood cells, hemoglobin, fragile proteins, and soft tissue such as flexible ligaments and blood vessels. And of special note: DNA and radiocarbon. This is enormously confronting for evolutionists, because how could such bones possibly be 65 million years old? As one of the researchers involved in the discovery of dinosaur blood cells, Dr Mary Schweitzer, said: “If you take a blood sample, and you stick it on a shelf, you have nothing recognizable in about a week.  So why would there be anything left in dinosaurs?”  Why indeed.  It’s because they didn’t die 65 million years ago.  See Double-Decade Dinosaur Disquiet 

Colossians 2:8  

February 7: When you start with the Bible to develop mathematical models, you cannot go wrong.  Dr. Russell Humphreys, a Bible-believing, creation scientist, correctly predicted rapid decay of the planet Mercury’s magnetic field decades before Messenger measured the planet’s field strength.  He also correctly predicted the strength of Uranus’s and Neptune’s magnetic fields—before spacecraft measured these magnetic fields.  In every case of predicting magnetic fields, the old-age evolutionary astronomers were wrong.  Dr. Humpherys based his predictions on his theory that these planets were formed about 6,000 years ago.  See Mercury’s Fading Magnetic Field Fits Creation Model and Secular Scientists Dumbfounded by Saturn’s Young Rings

March 11If we open our eyes, we will see the handiwork of God everywhere. Flowers exhibit a dizzying variety of complexity, design, and beauty.  What evolutionary purpose is there for a flower to look like a monkey, a swaddled baby, a graceful bird, or a man?  God surely must have enjoyed creating these flowers for His own love for beauty and whimsy, as well as for us to see Him in His work.  See 15 Incredible & Beautiful Flowers That Do NOT Look Like Flowers!

March 17: Have you heard of the painted lady butterfly migration between Europe and Africa, flying an incredible 9,000 miles round trip?  Radar recently discovered millions of these butterflies migrating high above the atmosphere.  More than 60,000 sightings of painted lady butterflies have also been made as far north as the Arctic Circle.  The 9,000 mile journey takes six generations to complete.  The tiny creature, weighing less than a gram, with a pin-sized head, having no opportunity to learn the migration route from older butterflies, undertakes and succeeds at this epic migration.  Evolution says it all happened by “chance.”  How would the painted lady evolve the ability to fly to a place it has never been before?  God has woven this information into their genetic code.  See Painted Ladies Migrate Thousands of Miles, Radars Discover they are just too high for you to see them   

Jeremiah 8:7 

March 21: Evolutionary ideas have killed people.  In 1893, based on the belief in evolution, there were 83 human features considered to be useless leftovers from our ancestral past.  One of them was the thymus gland.  One of the functions of the thymus gland is to produce white blood cells which attack foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses.  In the 1930’s, it was considered harmful to infants due to its large size (which is actually normal in infants).  Infants were exposed to x-rays in order to reduce the size of this “unnecessary evolutionary leftover.”  Follow-up studies found that infants who received the radiation treatment had abnormal growth and higher rates of infections that persisted longer than normal.  Many of them also suffered from cancer in the nearby thyroid gland, resulting in death. See Performing Surgery upon Evolutionary Thinking and "Vestigial" organs are Fully Functional   

May 14Sir Julian Huxley was the president and founder of UNESCO (United Nations Educational and Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the world’s “ambassador for evolution.”  He was also the grandson of Thomas Huxley who popularized evolution during Darwin’s day.  When asked on public TV why evolution caught on so quickly, Sir Julian Huxley responded:  “I suppose the reason we all jumped on ORIGINS was because the idea of God interfered with our sexual mores.”  See Evolution and You by D. James Kennedy.  

Hebrews 4:12