I’m Endorsing Frank Riggs for Governor, by Russell Pearce

An open letter from former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce.

Dear Friends and fellow Patriots,

Since my endorsement of former Congressman Frank Riggs for Arizona governor, I have received many calls and emails concerning my choice. Many of these calls have been in support, some asking why I had not acted sooner. Others have been in opposition, and some asking why I had not endorsed someone else. I’ll do my best here to explain my decision:

In this Republican primary, there are several running I consider friends.  Senator Al Melvin, one of my dearest and loyal friends whom I tried to help qualify for the ballot; Congressman Frank Riggs, whom I have respected since he and Rick Santorum fought corruption together in the US House; former Maricopa Attorney Andy Thomas, a great friend who has fought many battles at my side; and, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, a good friend for many years. They are all good people I’m proud to call my friends.

When Sen. Melvin withdrew from the race, for I could not endorse against him, I decided the time was right to make a choice — to take a stand. And after difficult and serious consideration I offered my endorsement to Congressman Frank Riggs. Frank Riggs has defeated incumbent Democrat members of Congress not once, but twice! He is a smart, tough campaigner — and what’s more, is a man of unquestioned, unassailable honor, valor and integrity. His family values, his vision for Arizona, and his determination to secure Arizona’s border are second to none in this primary. And in Congress, he proved time and time again he could get the job done — even in uphill battles, against the odds, taking on the leadership of both parties. His independent nature and loyalty to the Constitution, states’ rights and taxpayers is exactly what Arizona needs.

Among the fiercest critics of my endorsement have been the supporters of Andy Thomas. I don’t blame them. Like Frank Riggs, Andy is also a conservative and a dear friend who has been vigilant in defense of the rule of law, even to his demise. He’s also for securing the border and enforcing the Rule of Law. And what made this especially difficult, like I said, he’s also a very good friend. However, Andy is running for governor at a time when his legal issues have not been resolved — and we can’t just look at winning the August 26th primary.  Maybe not really fair, but a serious consideration, but that alone is not my compelling reason. I will not let the media pick my candidate, I will always do what I think is best for Arizona and the great citizens and Patriots of this state. 

Finally, we must focus on electing a conservative in the November 4th general election. The Democrats don’t have a primary for governor. They already have a nominee by default, and he is a career politician from the Clinton Administration who will do anything and say anything to win and of course I expect the media to do all they can to help him. 

I certainly want a Warrior, someone who is unapologetic in defense of Liberty and the Rule of Law. I know we have some good people running for this critical office.  And when given the choice between strong, pro-life, conservative Republican candidates for governor, conservative Republicans who will see our border secured, put an end to human trafficking, work with Sheriff Joe and the other county sheriffs to end the flow of Mexican cartel drugs into our state and nation, protect American jobs, balance our budget, create new jobs and make Arizona an even better place to call home…

…I endorsed the conservative Republican candidate I believe has the greatest opportunity to win the general election on November 4th. I endorsed Frank Riggs, and I encourage my fellow conservatives, my fellow patriots, and my fellow Arizonans to join me today in uniting behind former Congressman Frank Riggs.


Russell Pearce

P.S. It takes a great deal of courage and patriotism to run for office, to put your feet to the fire and face the scrutiny and criticism that invariably comes. I encourage you to learn about our Republican candidates this year and, above all else, to exercise your right as Americans to be informed and to vote on August 26th.