If Public Safety is the First Priority, Why isn’t it Funded That Way?

by Erin Scroggins
When you follow politics long enough you start seeing campaign recycling. For example, in 2000 the Town of Gilbert raised our sales tax crying that public safety was in jeopardy. Fast forward 10 years and we see the same tactic; raise taxes to save public safety. Why is it that public safety is always in jeopardy of being funded but parks and recreation, developmental services, administrative services, etc. are never put in front as the reason to raise taxes? After all, the politicians are always campaigning that public safety is their first priority. If that were true, public safety would never be in jeopardy. Wouldn’t it be nice for our elected officials to finally be honest? For example, proposition 406 should really be called “Fund non-essential services tax," since that’s what the tax is truly going to fund.
The truth is we have the money to fund all of these programs without a tax increase. Over the last 11 years, the town projected multi-million dollar deficits and ended up with multi-million dollar surpluses. It’s time to hold our government accountable and demand the truth. Vote No on 406. Endorsed by Gilbert Taxpayers. For more information visit www.clearuptheconfusion.com