If we are in an Economic Recovery, Why are Major Corporations Firing Thousands?

Do your elected officials, including city and town council members, school board members, state legislators, and the entire United States Congress and President continue believing we have 7.3% unemployment?  Is that why they want to give foreign nationals work permits?  Is that why they pass out raises to government employees?  Is that why they are sending tax overrides and tax bonds to the voters in an off-season election that most voters aren’t aware of?  

Where do they get their junk unemployment numbers?  From the federal government?  From the Leftist media?  

Do they live in an economic vacuum, or are they just stupid?  Or both? 

The first paragraph of this article found on Zero Hedge should be sobering.  

We already have declining real wages. Small businesses are getting wiped out by taxes, regulations, and Obamacare. These mega-corporations are firing thousands. Retail and restaurant sales are plunging. Consumers are scared straight and are reducing credit card debt. Government spending in states and localities is declining because they are required to balance their budgets. The Boomers are old, with no savings. They can no longer live in a delusionary credit bubble. Sounds like a reason to buy stocks. 


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