Incumbents = More + More + More Taxes

by Jared Taylor

This morning’s headlines read: “Unemployment back up to 9.0%,” “Gas eats 9% of household income,” “Arizona gas prices still on the rise,” and “Renters see sharp rise in rates.” Although all the economic news isn’t this dour, Gilbert citizens should consider this news as we vote.

The basic issue at hand is who needs your money more, your family or the government?

Our choice is simple: do we want more tax and spend politicians to redirect and redistribute tax money out of the Gilbert economy into Town coffers? If so, vote to keep the current incumbents Linda Abbott, Dave Crozier, and Les Presmyk.

If not, vote for conservative change in Victor Petersen and Jordan Ray. Petersen and Ray know the right balance of government. They will keep our quality of life high and will fight for government efficiency. Make sure to send in your ballots today or on 17 May.