INJUSTICE: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department

Author: J. Christian Adams, former attorney for the Voting Rights Section of the Department of Justice. 2008. Regnery Publishing, inc. (You may order this book via the Gilbert Watch "click-through" ad for Gilbert Watch receives a small commission, and it doesn’t cost you any more!)

If you are a Republican who believes that Sheriff Arpaio should be voted out of office, then you should read this book before you cast your vote. If Arpaio loses the next election as the result of the "show trials" that have been waged down at the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors meetings by leftist radical publicity hog Randy Parraz, you will have witnessed Soviet style justice prevailing in what used to be the United States of America. And you will have been suckered by a “mainstream” media that reports every one of Parraz’s indignant outrages, and those of his leftist cult followers.

Written by J. Christian Adams, former attorney for the Voting Rights Section of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, INJUSTICE reveals how the Obama Administration, and the Clinton Administration long before it, turned the Department of Justice (DOJ) into a smarmy organization staffed by the most militant leftist activists you have ever met under one roof.

Relentlessly criticized by “big media” for not being even-handed in his Department of Justice hiring practices, Bush tried for ideological balance, but Democrat presidents make no pretense about stacking the deck. When that happens, the leftist media fall silent.

When he came into office, Obama saw to it that, in spite the ballooning federal deficit, the Civil Rights Division’s budget increased by 11.3%, adding 62 new staff positions. And for the last fiscal year, the Civil Rights Division swelled by another 102 new positions.

The Civil Rights Division now has a bottomless pit of taxpayer-paid radical extremist lawyers who wage political warfare against any state, person, or private company that stands in its ideological path.

Equal justice, without regard for race, gender, or political party has been replaced with an organization that defies Supreme Court verdicts, sues states for attempting to enforce illegal immigration laws, and sues and harasses sheriffs, city police, and businesses for alleged racial discrimination, and for any other infraction that doesn’t fit their agenda.

Under Obama, the Civil Rights Division has been sanctioned in federal courts for over $4 million for bringing frivolous cases or engaging in misconduct, none of which was assessed during the Bush Administration. Attorneys are hired having never tried a case. They are promoted even after being fined for lying and for malfeasance, and for bringing forth frivolous lawsuits. The actions of this department wouldn’t be tolerated in the most basic business or local municipality. Yet, this is what passes for justice.

It was the Civil Rights Division that stood up for Ike Brown who ran a massive voter fraud operation in Noxumbee County, Mississippi. And what ultimately happened to Ike Brown? In 2011, he went on to become a paid redistricting consultant and deliberately diluted the white minority vote.

Obama himself tapped Deputy Assistant Attorney General Loretta King to be the acting assistant attorney general—the head of the entire Civil Rights Division—before the Senate confirmed Thomas Perez. Loretta King has been sanctioned many times, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet, she was promoted to a career position within the Civil Rights Division in charge of hiring. She also helped Tom Perez with the dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.

Within 49 days of Obama’s inauguration, Loretta King fired off a letter to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, announcing that he was being investigated for adoption of English-only policies inside the jails.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez launched an investigation accusing Arpaio of engaging in “patterns or practices of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures.”

Thomas Perez is the assistant attorney general who authored the most recent “scathing” report against Sheriff Arpaio. Before taking over as Assistant Attorney General, Perez was president of Casa de Maryland, a radical open borders group that encourages illegal aliens not to speak with the police and urges local governments not to enforce federal fugitive warrants against them. He also fought to mandate that Mexican identification be recognized as valid photo ID in the United States, even though the documents are so rife with fraud that twenty-two of Mexico’s thirty-two states and districts refuse to recognize the documents.

It was, in fact, Perez’s dismissal of the New Black Panthers case, in spite of clear evidence to the contrary, that resulted in Mr. Adams’s resignation from the DOJ. Adams is one of the attorneys who had gathered that evidence.

Attorney General Eric Holder started waging war against Arizona the minute that Governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070 into law, even though, as he later testified under oath, he had never read the law. Eric Holder is currently under investigation for Fast and Furious for deliberately allowing guns to flow to Mexican drug cartels, that resulted in the death of Arizona Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The DOJ’s continual, rapid fire attack on Arizona, Governor Brewer, and Sheriff Arpaio is meant to wear Arizona and its people down and force them to submit. It’s also designed to send a message to other states and counties that might pass laws against illegal immigration.

During the Bush years, DOJ leaders quickly fulfilled all Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Under Obama, here’s a sampling of the blatantly disgraceful disposition of FOIA requests:

  • Michael Rosman of the Center for Individual Rights: 6-month wait.
  • Kristen Clarke of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Same-day service.
  • Jenny Small of Judicial Watch: 5-month wait.
  • Raul Arroyo-Mendoza of the Advancement Project: Same-day service.
  • Republican Pennsylvania state representative Stephen Barrar: 4-month wait.
  • Art Shapiro of National Public Radio: 5-day service.
  • Jed Babbin, then-editor of Human Events: 6-month wait.
  • Nina Perales of the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund: 2-day service.

What else does the DOJ put on the fast track, and what does it neglect?

Here’s an example that Adams relates. Obama’s DOJ enforces that portion of the “Motor Voter Law” which just happens to guarantee the Democratic vote. Thus, the DOJ sues states for lagging in establishing voter registration sites in welfare, food stamp, and cash assistance offices, and in behavioral treatment centers, utility payment grant offices, and even drug treatment centers.

Here’s an example of what the DOJ ignores. Establishing the same voter registration offices on overseas military bases, on behalf of our fighting military men and women overseas, despite the MOVE act in 2009. The DOJ also allowed states to widely ignore the MOVE act, so that as the 2010 election approached, absentee ballots were not mailed out 45 days before the election.

Here’s an example of the sheer lunacy of the DOJ. So ideological and worshipful in its manic urge to be politically correct in its hiring practices, it posted this advertisement: “The department encourages applicants who suffer from ‘mental retardation’ and ‘mental illness.’”

Adams identifies just a few of the leftwing militant radicals who make up the pillars of the "Justice" Department:

Guaranteeing that Voters Rights are fair and balanced is Anna B Baldwin, formerly a militant gay activist at Harvard, she served as a leader of the “Queer Resistance Front.” She once led a mob that harassed Jewish and Republican students. She also indignantly condemned the defunding of a campus show titled “Clitty, Clitty, Bang, Bang.”

Protecting Americans’ religious liberties is Aaron Schuham from the rabidly anti-Catholic organization AUSCS (Americans United for Separation of Church and State). AUSCS is one of America’s most militantly atheist and anti-religious organizations, even participating in a campaign to stop state troopers from erecting highway crosses to memorialize fellow officers killed in the line of duty.

Another Voting Section hire under Obama is Daniel Freeman, named pro-bono attorney of the year by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. He zealously has attacked the FBIs counter-intelligence operations.

Voting Section lawyer Bradley Heard was formerly with the Advancement Project, a group dedicated to blocking efforts to purge voter rolls of ineligible voters and felons. He also denounced Georgia’s voter ID law.

Voting Section lawyer Elizabeth Westfall was formerly with the Advancement Project, where she challenged Florida laws designed to ensure electoral integrity.

Voting Section lawyer Catherine Meza previously represented Unidad Latina en Accion, an illegal alien rights group that agitated for the right of illegal aliens to receive government services confidentially. She also sat on the board of Advocates for Children of NY, which hectors NY public schools into expanding taxpayer-funded services for minorities, such as providing bilingual education materials.

Another Obama attorney hire is Elise Shore, who was the Regional Counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, which litigates to break down America’s borders for illegal aliens.

As J Christian Adams states, “Impervious to sanctions and penalties handed down by federal courts, the DOJ Civil Rights Division feels unconstrained by department regulations or even by federal law. We now face the Orwellian situation where government lawyers brazenly ignore and subvert the law they have sworn to uphold, and where a leading civil rights protection agency discriminates against some racial groups while it favors others. This is not only lawlessness, it is the most dangerous kind of lawlessness—for history shows that once a nation’s laws cease to apply to the law enforcers, individual liberty does not survive for very long.”