Introducing East Valley Pro Life Alliance

Please do all you can to support the life of the most helpless among us: unborn children.  East Valley Pro Life Alliance is committed to providing truthful and uncompromising pro-life education and information to the public along with detailed and factual training on the Sanctity of Innocent Life from conception to natural death.

Not only is an abortion the wrongful killing of an innocent unborn child, but this act will never be forgotten by the mother.  No matter what a friend, relative, boyfriend, husband, medical provider, or Planned Parenthood employee tells her, she knows she is killing her own baby.  What she may not know is that she won’t forget it as long as she lives.  She will be painfully reminded in the middle of the night, or when she wraps a gift for a friend’s baby shower.  She will think of it whenever she sees someone pushing a baby stroller, or whenever someone invites her to see someone’s new baby.  She will remember once every year, on the unborn child’s birthday that never was.  She will remember every year, on the anniversary of the day she killed him.  

If she manages to forget, then a part of her humanity has died.

Do all you can to prevent her from having to go through this hell.  Tell her about the East Valley Pro Life Alliance.

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