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For every one-thousand striking at the leaves of evil, There is one striking at the root.
– Henry David Thoreau

Are you interested in taking action to instill traditional American values in your children’s education? There is a new blog,, that has just announced its official kick-off and "grand opening" (if a website can have a grand opening). They NEED YOUR HELP! Read what has to say:

The strength of Gilbert lies in the families that live within Gilbert, and involvement of parents is VITAL to success. With your help, our district will become a beacon to the rest of the country as a model, producing high quality graduates prepared to attend college, and tomorrow’s leaders.

What can you do?

1. If there is a question, concern, or insight you have that’s relevant to public education, we want to hear from you.

2. Are you willing to follow-up on a specific information item?
o Curriculum
o Financial data tracking
o Policies
o Legislative action… and more…

3. If you’re not able to dedicate any time on a regular basis but know someone who might, tell them about and invite them to take part.

4. Attend a school board meeting and email your observations.

5. Comment on articles that have been published on GilbertSchools.Info.

Together we can ensure what matters most: student achievement, outcomes-based performance metrics, and a focus on traditional American values. We are NOT asking for your money (although it wouldn’t be turned down). We are asking for an even more valuable commodity, Your time. Please consider helping by giving a small donation of time.

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