Is Russell Pearce a “One-Note” Candidate?

Russell Pearce’s opponent is telling any voter who will listen that Pearce is a “one note” candidate.     If you happen to know neophyte candidate Bob Worsley, please send him the following excerpts from someone who checked Russell Pearce’s public record.  It is just a sample of the diverse legislation that Senator Pearce has sponsored.  

Surely, Mr. W doesn’t want to be known as the most willfully ill-informed politician in Arizona.    How embarrassing for him.

A review of Russell Pearce’s complete record will explain why the Lefists and Liberal Republicans want to destroy him:  He personifies every conservative ideal:  Limited Government.  Educational Choice.  Low Taxes.  Free Markets.  Pro Marriage.  Pro Family.  Personal Responsibility.  State Sovereignty.  2nd Amendment Rights.  Individual Freedom.