Is the Glendale Mayor off her Nut?

I received the following email from Le Templar, Director of Communications of the Goldwater Institute.  Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs’ reaction to the word "protest" reminds me of a silly woman who jumps on top of a table upon seeing a mouse.  Anyone who knows anything at all about the TEA Party movement knows that it is a conservative group of peace-loving middle-Americans who simply want their representatives to demonstrate fiscal and personal responsibility.  They want low taxes, and limited government where free markets flourish.  These core values can be found in the Republican Party platform.    Since when did the mere mention of these principles strike fear and panic in the hearts of our local politicians?

The TEA Party had nothing to do with the tragedy in Tucson.  That Mayor Scruggs actually believes this lie tells me she spends way too much time with liberals and not enough with normal people.  Fifteen minutes a day listening to Rush Limbaugh might help her use her brain.

"Hi Anita:

You probably already have heard about this and maybe even blogged about it. But I have been out of town for a few days and I wanted to make sure you knew about it, in case you haven’t heard.

Annette McHugh, the founder of the Glendale (Ariz.) Tea Party chapter, e-mailed members about a possible protest of their mayor. The group opposes the city’s proposed $100 million subsidy to the Phoenix Coyotes NHL franchise.

Because the word "protest" was used, Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs reported the situation to her Police Department. At a community meeting, McHugh said the mayor treated her peaceful tea party group as "radical nuts."

From the Arizona Republic article: "She was very defensive and didn’t let us talk for the first 20 minutes. She kept looking at me and saying, ‘Protest. You know what happened in Tucson? How many people were killed?’ " McHugh said. "For the record we don’t advocate violence in any shape or form," the "tea party" leader said. "We have First Amendment rights. When did protest become a very dangerous word?"

The Goldwater Institute is investigating Glendale’s proposed deal, causing us to be attacked by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Glendale threatening a $500 million lawsuit unless we keep quiet. Here’s our response to those efforts.

Le Templar