Is There a Problem With Gilbert’s Water?

Have you heard the old saying, “Watch your nickels and dimes, and the dollars will take care of themselves”?

At the May 19, 2010 Town Council meeting, the Council members discussed the budget crisis and the Town’s lack of money. During the break, Les Presmyk made an informal comment that the quality of Gilbert’s drinking water is the best in the valley, and the fire fighters didn’t need to be buying water filters. I was so impressed by his comment that I immediately started drinking the water out of my kitchen faucet! I told him later, "You’re right. It tastes just fine."

On 7/15/2010, one of my “spies” who I had talked to about Gilbert’s water quality called me to say, “I just saw a Gilbert fire fighter pushing, not a grocery cart, but a flatbed cart filled with a huge pile of water filters out of Home Depot. Is there a problem with our drinking water after all? If there is such a budget crisis, why are they spending tax dollars on water filters?”

I emailed Vice Mayor Presmyk the same day, asking him if he could find out why the Fire Department is buying these filters, especially since Gilbert water is excellent, and the budget is so tight. Vice Mayor Presmyk replied saying he would check into it. He did not get back to me, so on 8/8/2010, I emailed him about it again.

As of this writing, September 5, 2010, Vice Mayor Les Presmyk has still not answered me. This begs the question, "Why not?"

Is there a problem with Gilbert’s water quality that the citizens have not been informed about? Or is it that we are paying for unnecessary water filters?

What else does the Town have plenty of money to pay for?