JD Hayworth: Conscience of the Senate?

by Chris Christy

Recently the DREAM Act was rejected by the Senate, in no small part by the actions of John McCain. It seems that Senator McCain suddenly rediscovered border security and his conservative roots. And for this I wish to thank……JD Hayworth, without whose efforts we could have the DREAM Act and Amnesty on this day. Does anybody think that John McCain would have done this without a mighty nudge (from JD Hayworth and the Arizona TEA Parties) to the right?

It’s too bad the same pressure had no effect on Jeff Flake. In case you haven’t heard, Representative Flake recently voted Yes to repeal "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell." How can a Representative of a conservative, family oriented district vote for a pro-homosexual military?

If he had voted No, or if he had simply abstained, or gone to his daughter’s beauty pageant, who would have cared? But why did Jeff Flake go out of his way to antagonize his own conservative base? Is Washington the place you go to lose your bearings?

If there were a Congressional vote to have beer in the barracks, I wonder if Jeff Flake would vote Yes. Unthinkable.