John Galt Youth Award: Caitlin Marble

Republican Legislative District 12 announces our third recipient of the John Galt Youth Award: Caitlin Marble. Caitlin is employed by Snow Property Services. She is responsible for her spending money and clothes. She is also saving for college and will attend BYU after graduation from Highland High School. Caitlin is the second oldest of eight children and chief babysitter while her mother teaches violin lessons. She is First Chair and President of the “Strolling Strings.” Caitlin also volunteers with Special Olympics and the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. She is very active in church activities, always leading with a positive attitude. The award was presented at the Republican LD12 district meeting on June 12, 2014 by District Chairman Mickie Niland. Caitlin’s parents and siblings were in attendance to support her achievement. We are very proud of Caitlin and all her accomplishments.  

Pictured with Caitlin are her parents Greg and Jennifer Marble, LD12 Chairman Mickie Niland and First Vice Chair Jason Mick.

Who is John Galt?

John Galt is a fictional character created by Ayn Rand in her novel Atlas Shrugged. John Galt represents the idea that every person is responsible for themselves and that one’s success is the result of character, hard work, intelligence,and sacrifice. There are many awards for youth based on academics and volunteer work, but few awards are given to our youth who work.  We all know the myriad of values learned in good honest work. Republican Arizona Legislative District 12 created the John Galt Youth Award to identify and recognize employed youth who are modeling a positive attitude and great work ethic. Any LD12 Precinct Committeeman (PC) is free to nominate a youth ages 16-22 years. The youth may be registered with any political party.  All candidates are assessed by our youth outreach team. The youth chosen will be awarded with a small gift presented at an LD12 meeting. 

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