King McCain and King Flake to Hold Immigration Meeting: Tickets NOT Available to the King’s Subjects

Take a look at how structured the two Kings have made this "town hall."  One hour.  "Limited seating."  Tickets not available to the public.  That Center holds at least 550 people.  Do you think the "news" media will report on the subjects/taxpayers who will be protesting outside?  Hint:  Bring your own video recorders!

As reported by Frosty Taylor ( in her MCRC Briefs: 

A  One-Hour “Conversation On Immigration With Sen. John McCain And Sen Jeff Flake" is scheduled between 10-11 am, Tuesday, Aug 27 at the Mesa Art Center. Limited seating, tickets not available to the public. View:  Sponsored by the TheArizona Republic12 News, and USA Today.

A Rally Against The “Gang Of 8” Amnesty Bill from 9-11 am,  Aug 27 outside the McCain/Flake Town Hall at the Mesa Arts Center, Mesa (Main and Center). The actual mtg is scheduled from 10-11 am.  Protestors to set outside surrounding the entire facility with “NO AMNESTY” signs from 7:30 am until noon.  Participants are asked to bring water and an umbrella/hat/sunscreen, etc. Organized by Riders United For A Sovereign America.  RSVP:  

See what McCain and Flake do NOT want the public to see.   The Gang of 8’s Disgusting Amnesty Bill.