Lester Pearce vs Steve Chucri

Please pay close attention to Lester Pearce’s background as noted in the Lester Pearce vs Steve Chucri Comparison.  These are the reasons that I support Lester Pearce for Supervisor representing District 2 of Maricopa County.  Lester has stated, “Steve is a good man who has surrounded himself with people who do not reverence the Constitution as I do.”

For more information on Steve Chucri, and the friends who surround him, please read the following posts from S.H.I.E.L.D.:  More on Steve Chucri, in Case you Didn’t Get the Memo Before and Steve Chucri:  Be Careful What you Wish For.

Also please note that Steve Chucri, in his role as Head of the Arizona Restaurant and Hospitality Association SUED Arizona to overturn the Employer Sanctions Law.  Fortunately, the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s law, and today Arizona employers are responsible for following our immigration laws.

You can reach Lester Pearce by phone at 480-540-9777.