Light Rail Extension – Gilbert Rd. – Meeting June 11, 7 pm.

Is Light Rail to Nowhere coming to Mesa?  Mayor Scott Smith has somehow found millions of dollars burning a hole in his pocket  to spend on Light Rail.  Or maybe it’s just more endless "federal grant money"?    The following meeting announcement was sent to Gilbert Watch.  Please attend if you can.

Light Rail Extension – United We Stand

Are you concerned about the Light Rail continuing through Mesa?  It may have benefits but there are many reasons to question the wisdom of extending the Light Rail line to Gilbert Road. 

If we stand together we can inform our neighbors and help the community make informed decisions about the changes Light Rail will bring. (Not to mention the cost!)

We have a community meeting coming up on June 11th from 7-9 P.M. at the Mesa Utilities Meeting at 640 N. Mesa Drive.  

There is also a Valley Metro meeting on Thursday, June 13th at 6PM at the Church of Christ, 1223 E. Dana Ave.  If you would like to attend the Valley Metro meeting, please be sure to attend our community meeting, or send an email to Tracy at  Or text or call her at 480-529-1123.

Here are a Few Questions to Ask:

 "Please tells us of any light rail or rapid transit or similarly named public system that has ever come close to breaking even or showed a profit." 

"How much money is the current light rail system losing this year?" 

"How much eminent domain is required for this system, and at what cost?" 

"Is there any security on light rail?"

"Any bathrooms"?

For additional background, see Mesa Planning Meetings – To Change Mesa for the Better?  Also Lightrail Coming to Mesa – No Security – No Bathrooms – FIGHTS! and The Joys of Lightrail!  Swordsman to the Rescue in Tempe-Phoenix