Lobbyists are Advocates

GilbertWatch thanks a reader for the following article:

It seems that the major smear attack that Kirk Adams has been using against Matt Salmon is that Salmon was employed as a Lobbyist.  I am not sure why Adams finds this so vile.  Simply put, a lobbyist is an advocate.  The definition of political lobbying  is:  "A person or group attempting to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation by directly communicating with any legislator."  Lobbyists can be paid or unpaid.  Are there some who lobby for the passage of bad laws?  Certainly!  It happens all the time.  Can some lobbyists be rotten?  Yes.  However, there are also those who lobby for good laws, or who lobby to try to inform a legislator to vote against a proposed law that is just plain bad or that has some negative unintended consequences.

Some well known conservative groups that lobby are Right to Life, the NRA, United Families International, just to name a few.  While these groups educate others about issues and lobby lawmakers, individuals also attempt to persuade lawmakers one way or the other.  Many of us have personally contacted our elected representatives over the years.  There are also firms of lobbyists that are hired by businesses or corporations.  If they are paid well, that’s between the lobbyist firm and their client to decide the terms.  That is the beauty of free enterprise.

Many cities and towns employ lobbyists.  The Town of Gilbert has two paid lobbyists.  If the mayor and council members thought lobbyists were offensive, they could save the taxpayers money by eliminating the lobbyist positions and doing the work themselves. 

Lobbying wouldn’t be necessary if lawmaking were confined to its proper function of protecting our liberties and property.  Everyone’s interest in the law would be the same.  Then, those who vote could not inconvenience those who do not vote.  But, because there are those who divert law from its true purpose of protecting property, to violating it, we need patriots to hold office to protect our God given individual rights.

Thoroughly vet the candidates.  Listen to their messages.  Attend debates or cottage meetings.  Check out their voting records.  Learn whether or not they hold firm to the true principles of liberty.  Vote your best choice and then hold them accountable to representing – We the People!