Local Scout Leader will Resign if Boy Scouts of America Lifts Ban Against Gay Members

Board members of the Boy Scouts of America had expected to vote Wednesday, Feb. 13, on whether to lift the ban against allowing homosexuals to be members of the youth organization. They decided to wait until May to make the decision. See Boy Scouts of America delay Vote on Ending Ban on Gays. Some see lifting the ban as an act of kindness and bravery. 

"Zach Wahls, an Eagle Scout who has two lesbian mothers and is the founder of Scouts for Equality, called the delay "an abdication of responsibility.

"By postponing this decision," Wahls said in a statement, "the BSA has caved to those who argue that their anti-gay attitudes trump basic scouting values of kindness, courtesy and bravery. Scouting was built on a foundation of respect and dignity."

As a practical matter, when it’s “lights out,” will you feel comfortable knowing your son might be sharing a pup tent with a homosexual male who may find him sexually attractive?   

Eagle Scout/Scoutmaster Gordon Scott Ray of Chandler, Arizona, sees the decision to lift the ban as a violation of the Scout Oath.  He emailed the following letter to the Boy Scouts of America Governing Board.  Hopefully, others will follow Scoutmaster Ray’s lead and send similar emails.

To: nationalsupportcenter@scouting.org
Subject: Stand For The Scout Oath! Morally Straight!

To the BSA Governing Board,

I am proudly an Eagle Scout, and have recently been serving as a scoutmaster (4 years +) in Chandler, AZ Troop #489. I do NOT support your debated change in policy! This proposed change to the Boy Scout policy would signify acceptance, normalization, and validation of behavior that I find unworthy of the stated goals and mission of the Boy Scouts. If this longstanding moral policy is changed, I will have no choice but to distance myself from the organization which no longer stands for being "morally straight."  I could not be a "Friend of Scouting," leader, or supporter of any organization that would compromise their morals.  As you can see, I take my Scout Oath seriously.  It would be a sad day for the world if you choose to abandon the very teachings which made the Boy Scouts of America great.

Please stand for the Scout Oath, and remain Morally Straight!

I myself (and our two boys in scouting) would refrain from paying dues and allegiance to an organization that would give its stamp of approval to same-sex behavior (or any other immoral behavior). It is beyond my ability to compromise my beliefs on this issue.


Gordon Scott Ray
Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster
Troop #489, Chandler, AZ 85225