Matt Salmon’s Record of Excellence

Matt Salmon, candidate for Congressional District 5, knows that we have only one window of opportunity to reverse the damage that Barack Obama has done to our country.  Kirk Adams prefers a timid incremental approach.

Not Matt Salmon.  Like other serious conservatives, Matt Salmon has boldly stated that he will work hard to eliminate government agencies such as the Department of Education, the EPA, and others that have hurt, not helped, our children, and our economy.

Matt Salmon achieved a stellar record in just 6 short years, while serving as a member of Congress.  He honored his promise to serve no more than 6 years, and he kept his Word. 

He was well known for his opposition to Newt Gingrich’s leadership, so it’s no surprise that he didn’t receive Gingrich’s endorsement. 

“Salmon’s opposition to Gingrich’s leadership was based on much more than the normal “pragmatics” of winning and losing.  Regardless of one’s place in the political spectrum, Matt Salmon is impressive as that rare breed of politician who cares more about principle and doing what he perceives to be right.”   Mr. Smith Goes to Washington….And Kicks Newt’s Ass!

He was rated in the top 5 among all 535 members of the House and Senate by Citizens Against Government Waste – 6 years.

He was rated Watchdog of the Treasury – 6 years.

NFIB:  Friend of Small Business – 6 years.

He earned the Taxpayer Hero Award.

He helped pass and sign into law “Aimee’s Law,” the No Second Chances for rapists, molesters, and murderers law.

Most recently, the Gilbert Small Business Alliance endorsed Matt Salmon over his opponent

Matt Salmon has also gained the endorsement of some of the most conservative members of Congress, as well as the most conservative members of the Arizona State Legislature.