Mayor Scruggs Meets the Tea Party Patriots of Glendale

So, what does this story have to do with Gilbert?  As I have said many times, representatives in Washington who routinely ignore the will of the people got their start under your nose.  If you don’t pay attention to wasteful overspending and the march toward liberalism at the local level, where it is a grassfire you can stop, you will be helpless to stop the raging fires of unaccountability in Washington.

Do you have conservative friends and relatives living in Glendale?  Tell them about Annette McHugh and the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) of Glendale.  It seems that Mayor Scruggs and the majority Glendale City Council voted 5-2 to use $197 million taxpayer dollars to subsidize the perpetual losers, Phoenix Coyotes, to stoop them from leaving Glendale.  And if the Team fails again or if revenues fall short of projections, Glendale’s taxpayers will be on the hook for even more.

TPP of Glendale wants to know why the taxpayers of Glendale weren’t informed, involved, or invited to the discussion.  Mayor Scruggs has repeatedly ignored their invitations to meet with them, until a couple of  news articles were published by the Glendale Star.    

Meanwhile, the Goldwater Institute has been after the City of Glendale about the deal.  They cite a possible violation of The Gift Clause of the Arizona Constitution, which prohibits cities from subsidizing businesses.  

As of this writing, the City of Glendale has decided to spend even more taxpayer dollars by suing the Goldwater Institute.  This might be why, at long last, Mayor Scruggs has the confidence to meet with the TPP of Glendale.

And the winner is?  The Phoenix Coyotes, who will probably skate away with taxpayer dollars when and if the subsidies run out.

The meeting between Mayor Scruggs and the TPP of Glendale is scheduled for March 15 at 6:30 pm, First United Methodist Church, 7102 North 58thDrive.  Seating is limited so please RSVP here: 

Or call 623-930-2260.

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