Medicaid Expansion Petition Drive: Volunteers Needed at these Events/Locations

We are in the final stretch.  URAPC.ORG must turn in all notarized petitions no later than September 10.   So, if you get your petitionS to them on 9/10, it’s too late.  Right now, we are looking good, not great.  We are in "the surge," meaning that the number of petitions being turned in are increasing.  We must get far more signatures than are required.  Governor Brewer’s hirelings will go over every signature line looking for any reason to invalidate it.  They will find every technicality to invalidate entire signature sheets.  Did you know that if a husband signs on the line beneath his wife’s and he puts ditto marks for their same address, etc., his signature is thrown out!  Did you know that if a person includes his city and zip code next to the address, but leaves it blank in the columns dedicated to zip code and city, it’s thrown out!  If someone who’s registered in Maricopa County signs a petition titled Gila County, the entire page can be thrown out.  Watch the people signing your petition like a hawk!  


These are great places to gather signatures!

VFW*  (See below for a personal experience)
Busy Breakfast Restaurants
Car Shows
Sport Events
Door to Door – your neighbors want to STOP Obamacare. 
Cookouts, Pool Parties.
Golf Courses.


Aug. 17/18: Mesa Gun Show  (table indoors). Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM; Sunday 9 AM – 3 PM  Auction Empire, 140N. Country Club Dr. Mesa, AZ  85201 COUPON:
Contact Linda Brickman at 602- 330-9422 or
Aug 16-18:  Payson Rodeo

Help is needed to work the parade crowd on Saturday, 8/17.   Also in other crowds just prior to performances on 8/16, 8/17, and 8/18.  For details, contact Anita Christy

Aug 17:  9:00 am. Wilmot Library, 530 N. Wilmot Rd., Tucson
Aug 18: Sick and Sicker Movie Showings:    Full Schedule here
Aug 20:  Sick and Sicker Movie Showings: Full Schedule here

Casa Grande 

Sept 7-8:  Phoenix Gun Show – Crossroads of the West Gun Show.    

Crossroads of the West Gun Show  (table outdoors). Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM; Sunday 9 AM – 4 PM, Arizona State Fairgrounds, 1826 W. McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ  85007 COUPON:

Contact Linda Brickman at 602- 330-9422 or



Gilbert Library has a table set up daily at the Southeast Regional Library.  They could use help.    Contact Cindy Biggs at
Mesa Library has a table set up daily at Red Mountain Library.  They could use help.   Contact  Karen Winfield at  
Phoenix and Scottsdale Libraries.  Please contact Linda Brickman.  She needs lots of help!   602-330-9422 or


PC Training And Coordination Center For East Maricopa County.
URAPC petition drive will be open from 6:30-8:30 Wednesdays through Sept 4 at the Community room in the City of Mesa Utilities Building,  640 N Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ 85201 (map  This training center is mostly for GOP PC training, turning in petitions for notary processing, petition inspection, supplies and tracking for east Maricopa County.


“We had a good number of signatures at the VFW Friday All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry starting around 3:30 PM with a petition table set up outside to catch all passers by (there were two doors and we started inside with permission but later moved outside to catch everyone coming and going). We received about 40 signatures in 2.5 hours.
The National VFW and American Legion organizations have advertised a position against Medicare Expansion (yes, we know the vets have Veteran Medical coverage but that doesn’t mean we take everyone else on government healthcare).
Post officers may circulate a petition in the monthly meeting or start contacting their members now."