Message from URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman: And the Numbers

As seen on Frosty Taylor’s September 14, 2013 MCRC News Briefs.  (If you don’t subscribe to Frosty’s daily Briefs, please do.  You will know everything about everything going on in Conservative Arizona, and then some.)

Message From URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman:  Personal letter from Christine Bauserman: "The number one response I am receiving about the URAPC movement is:  "thank you for doing something". You are all welcome. And thank you for joining Frank, Ron and I in this battle. I am still trying to get my head wrapped around the enormity of what we just did – and make no mistake it is significant. Even in the hours of defeat the majority of you warriors grasped the fact that we stood up and we did something.  At the Capitol when I made the announcement and over the next few days the overwhelming response was thankful. This makes you all so amazing. It is an incredible feeling to face you in defeat and receive such overwhelming support and confidence. No criticizing, no blame. Thankful to me for starting this – immediately followed by “what are we going to do next”.  Really?  You are thankful for working 77 days in 100 degree temperatures? You are thankful for sacrificing your vacations and lives for months? You are each incredible patriots and your dedication to this great country and our freedoms is inspiring. What we have accomplished far outweighs our failure and this synergy is powerful. You define the word principled and I am grateful for meeting each and every one of you."

Last Night Briefs Posted The Final URAPC Petitions Signatures Via County as submitted by URAPC Chairman Christine Bauserman: 

Final Signature Count by County

Total Count: 81459       Needed: 86405       Difference:  4946

77 Days, 1058 Signatures everyday  

Maricopa County:  48230, 59.2%
Pima:  15815, 19.4%
Pinal:  2279,    2.8%
Yavapai:  2100, 2.5%
Navajo:  2049,   2.5%
Mohave:  1598, 1.9%
Gila:  1538, 1.8%
Cochise:  1503, 1.8%
Coconino:  383, .47%
Apache:  381, .47%
Santa Cruz:  330, .40%
Graham:  326, .40%
Yuma:  252, .31%
Greenlee:  21
La Paz: 14

This Evening Briefs Received Some Interesting Comparison Figures Sent To “Arizona Town Crier” Jim Ehl:
Here is one reply to the Arizona Town Crier email titled ‘County Results’ that noted the results by county to the URAPC effort to derail ‘Brewercare’. 

“I think to be fair to all counties the registered voter numbers should be considered in terms of petition signatures.  I suspect you’ll find that on a registered voter basis, the smaller counties out performed the two gorillas of the state (Maricopa and Pima).  And credit should be granted where credit is due.” 

As you may recall, the total number of signatures collected was 81,459 of which 48,230 was turned in by Maricopa County, which equates to about 59% of the signatures collected.  So lets play the numbers game as noted by the reader.  By the way, this is not to take away from the hard work that went into this effort.  To form an organization such as the URAPC and try what they did without party support is an almost impossible task, and yet they almost succeeded.  Back to the numbers.

Now, based on the number of registered voters in the county, and the number of signatures collected here are the results:

Gila  —             5%
Maricopa —     3%
Navajo —         3%
Pima  —           3%
Cochise —       2%
Graham —       2%
Yavapai —       2%
Apache —        1%
Coconino —     1%
Mohave —       1%
Pinal —            1%
Santa Cruz –    1%
Greenlee —     .4%
Yuma —           .3%
LaPaz —          .1%

It is interesting to note that Apache, Coconino, Greenlee, Navajo, Pima, and Santa Cruz counties have more registered Democrats than registered Republicans.  Although one only needed to be a registered voter to sign a petition, citizen’s initiative, the name URAPC, an acronym for United Republic Alliance Of Principled Conservatives may have been a turn off for many liberals.  This was an effort by CONSERVATIVES and this little numbers game goes to show just where in the state the counties put out the most effort.