New York 2011: 42,637 Black Babies Born; 43,713 Aborted

It is ironic that these two anniversaries occur within days of each other:  1) Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday will be celebrated on Monday, January 20.  (He was born Jan. 15, 1929, but his birthday is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January.)  2) The passage of Roe v Wade will be "observed" on January 22.  

Roe v Wade was passed by the Supreme Court (7-2) in 1973, and unleashed an epidemic of abortions throughout America, primarily from the efforts of Planned Parenthood.  No ethnic group has been more affected by it than blacks.  What would Rev. King say now, seeing how black Americans have been destroying themselves by millions?  Going back to 1997, and every year since, more black babies have been aborted in the state of New York than have been born.  In 1997, 54,948 black babies were born; 58,364 were aborted.  

See New York’s Vital Statistics HERE

In sheer numbers, California is by far the abortion capital of the world, killing off 214,109 babies in 2008.

Over 50 million innocent human lives have been aborted since 1973′s Roe v. Wade, with over 15 million of those lives disproportionately African-American. 


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