Obama Still Knows Nothing about Benghazi, but Everything about Syria?

Are you signed up to receive Michael Yon’s boots-on-the-ground dispatches?  Michael Yon is a former Green Beret who currently is a war correspondent in the Middle East.  He survives on donations.  Here is a quote from a recent post titled Syria: Outrage is not a Strategy.  

"A year after the Benghazi attack that claimed our Ambassador and other Americans, we still have few answers.  Speculation and conspiracy theories run rampant, while our government dodges the matter.

"Yet mere days after the alleged chemical attacks in Syria, President Obama claimed that he had proof that Assad committed this crime against humanity, despite the fact that conditions for investigation in Syria are far more challenging than they are in Benghazi.

"In the Middle Eastern environment of perpetual exaggeration, the highest death estimate by the rebels was 1,300 men, women and children killed.  The US administration raised the rebel estimate to 1,429.  Can we get a blood sample?

"The bodies were buried within 24 hours in accordance with Islamic custom.  Hardly enough time get an exact count of 1,429.  From where did this number derive?  Every serious combat trooper, cop, correspondent, anyone who sees action first hand and then sees reports, knows that first reports are always wrong, and often very wrong.

"Nobody doubts that chemicals were used, but who did it?  A rogue general?  And where is the primary source for the count of 1,429?

"Are these body reports cobbled together from second or third hand sources that might include double and triple counts, rumors, or complete fabrications?  Syria is, after all, the navel of the Middle East, a wellspring for rumors, exaggerations, conspiracy theories, and the most obvious lies created by man.

"The casualty count of 1,429 is important.  If President Obama plays fast and furious with casualties, it is fair to wonder whether he is playing sloppy with alleged communications intercepts."

I urge you to read the entire article, and then tell me if you think Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Flake know what they’re doing.