Obama’s Illegal Action and Matt Salmon’s Decisive Response

Early on June 15, President Barack Obama took yet another outrageous step toward tyranny. He took it upon himself to unilaterally enact sweeping changes to U.S. Immigration policy.

In his announcement he did two things to prop up his chances for re-election:

“The president’s executive order will categorically prevent the deportation of certain illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children. It will also grant them work authorizations to which they would not otherwise be entitled under law. The former is unwise and the latter is illegal.” Illegal Amnesty.

To those who believe that it is important to be kinder and more compassionate toward these particular illegals, keep in mind that Obama is allowing 800,000 of them to compete for jobs alongside jobless U.S. citizens. Also 1.1 million people from all parts of the world come to America and go through the long, involved process to become legal U.S. citizens.

The article goes on:

“The federal executive branch, like a local district attorney or a traffic cop, has some discretion about how, when, and whether to prosecute certain violations of the law. Not every driver exceeding the speed limit by 4 mph will receive a ticket, and not every teenager caught shoplifting will face a criminal indictment. Police and prosecutors are granted some leeway in these matters — but they cannot change the speed limit or legalize theft. That requires an act of the legislature. By making the liberal use of this discretion mandatory, the Obama administration is in effect writing new law rather than enforcing existing law.”

In Arizona, a border state where these issues are extremely important, there was one leader who was paying attention: Matt Salmon, who is running for Congress in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District against Kirk Adams.

Matt Salmon issued a Press Release within hours of Obama’s illegal Executive Order, stating the following:

"Once again, President Obama has proven that the only job security he truly cares about is his own. Instead of heeding the calls from our leaders in Arizona and other border states to work with Congress on securing our national borders immediately, he has chosen to institute another policy designed to aid his faltering re-election campaign. Instead of working with Congress on meaningful reform, he has chosen to go around it. This is exactly the kind of politics that American citizens have grown tired of."

"Our national borders continue to be unprotected while the threats of terrorism and drug cartel violence intensify daily. This administration has failed to fulfill its constitutional role of securing our borders and enforcing our laws. Even worse, it has allowed guns to walk across the border without any accountability and instituted pandering polices designed solely to garner votes. True immigration reform can never happen until our federal government secures our borders first, and I will lead this fight when I return to Congress."

So far, only Senator John McCain has made any statements. Missing in action are Kirk Adams, Jeff Flake, and Jon Kyl.

You can read more about Matt Salmon here. Matt Salmon for Congress