Open Letter to All Americans

by Darrell Covert

Americans…We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. We count these moments….these moments we dare to aim higher, to accomplish those things that others say that never can be done. We count these moments as our proudest achievements.

We call this American Exceptionalism.

But now many of us have lost our aim. Maybe perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still the greatest nation on earth. Maybe because so many have been down trodden, told they must accept handouts and think and believe what others say.

What do I say?  

I say NO!

This is not the America to which our forefathers aspired!  It is not the America that sent a man to the Moon, and that overcame both Japan and Germany at the same time in WWII.  As Americans, we cannot allow 238 years of the world’s greatest experiment in Freedom be wasted. We’ve barely begun this most noble experiment in Liberty, and our proudest achievements cannot be behind us.  Our best destiny lies before us. 

We must take the lessons learned from the past and NOT ignore the perils that lay in front of us. We must stand strong against this new adversary called Progressivism, and not allow this to shackle men’s minds to accept the lesser as being the good and equal, in trade of our free will and liberty! We owe this to those who have died for this ideal, for our families, and for the future children of this country we call the United States of America!