Opt Out FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a child in grades 3 through 11 of the public school system, he/she will be "required" to take the AzMERIT standardized test.  It is based on Common Core (aka Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards).  There is much controversy about both.   A simple search through this website will provide you with many articles about both.

The website Opt Out AZ! Empowering Parents to Opt Out of the AzMERIT has published a post titled Opt Out FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions to help parents whose children are being persuaded, cajoled, lied to, intimidated, and threatened into taking this worthless, unvalidated, expensive, psychologically damaging test.  

Questions that are answered in Opt Out FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions  include:

I have a 3rd grader and my school told me that if my child does not take the AzMerit, then he/she cannot move up to the 4th grade.  Is this true?

How have schools reacted to parents refusing the test?

How can I get in contact with other parents in my area that are refusing the test?

Since the Opt Out bill has not yet passed in the state legislature, do I still have a right to refuse the test?

What are some of the reasons why parents want to refuse the test?

My school sent out a letter saying that parents do not have a right to opt out or refuse the AzMerit test.  Can I still choose to opt out anyway?

My school told me that my opt out form is not valid.  Is this true?

Will the AzMerit be figured into my child’s grades?

Will opting out hurt my child’s school?

The testing window is over 2 weeks long.  If I keep my child out of school more than 10 consecutive days, he/she will be dropped from his/her classes.  What can I do?

Can my school drop my student from enrollment if I refuse the test?

My online school is threatening to drop my student if they do not take the AzMerit test.  Can they do this?

Is opting out or refusing the test worth going through all of this?

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