Our own Lisa Christiansen Battling in New York against Common Core!

You may have never heard the name Lisa Christiansen.  She was a Precinct Committeeman in Gilbert who moved to New York some time ago.  In Gilbert, she was exposed to many strong conservative leaders.  They have stood strong for our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.   These are people like current Senate President Andy Biggs, Representative Eddie Farnsworth, and Representative Warren Petersen.  There are many others, such as Victor Petersen and Jared Taylor, our strongest Constitutional conservatives serving on the Gilbert Town Council.   And don’t forget Mickie Niland, the Chairman of LD 12.   Plus conservative Gilbert Public School Board members Staci Burk, Daryl Colvin, and Julie Smith. 

Lisa Christiansen has always stood strong on behalf of Republican principles, never faltering.  And now she has been researching Common Core.  What she has discovered has been so disturbing that she has been making presentations in New York.  If you’ve been reading Gilbert Watch, then you know that Jennifer Reynolds and Wes Harris have been educating Arizonans about Common Core as well.  (See Arizonans Against Common Core.)

See "Twin Tier Tea Party will discuss New Education Standards."

"ELMIRA HEIGHTS 7 p.m. Thursday at the Catholic War Veteran’s Post 1178, 100 McCauley Ave. in Elmira Heights.

Lisa Christiansen, Jodi Kohli and Lisa Johnson will speak about the new Common Core education standards currently being implemented in New York state.

The Twin Tier Tea Party feels the new standards will drastically change education and not for the better."