Parental Rights Rally! Oct. 17, 10:30 am, State Capitol South Lawn

Click HERE to see the flyer, which includes the address of the event and a map.

Were your children or grandchildren threatened by their school stating they had to take AzMERIT?  Were they told that opting out was "against the law"?  

Are you unhappy with the "Common Core-aligned" curriculum, teaching, and AzMERIT in your children’s school which supports Common Core?

Do you agree that we should have "local control" over education?

Here is an opportunity for all of us to come together to talk about our Parental Rights and how they have been ignored and trampled on.  Common Core isn’t "just a set of standards."  It is an entire system that includes federal and corporate funded and promoted standards, curriculum, high stakes testing, and data mining of personally identifiable student information.  

See below for more details.  

For all of those who wish to share their personal experiences about Common Core in the classroom, AzMERIT testing, etc., and how you feel your parental rights have been violated, we are providing you with a microphone to speak out!  

If you would like to speak at this event, please contact Jennifer Reynolds, publisher of Arizonans Against Common Core, as soon as possible, so she can include you in the schedule.  Her email address is  

Organizers of this event will also be passing out various informational fliers, including identifying "What You can do to Restore Local Control and Stop Common Core."  

A children’s choir will also be performing.  

So mark this on your calendars. You do not want to miss this event!  Click HERE for the flyer.  Please forward this through e-mail, post on social media, hand out to your neighbors and friends, post on your websites, etc.

See Also:

National Common Core Standards System (This 49-page, highly referenced document, provides detailed information on:  1) History of Common Core: America and Arizona; 2) The Common Core are Inferior, Defective, and do Not Lead to Readiness for Authentic College Work; 3) High Stakes Testing; 4) Data Collection and Personally Identifiable Information; and 5) Teacher Accountability.)

East Valley Academy, Mesa.  This A-rated K-6 school is the only public charter in Arizona that has defiantly stood up against Common Core, refusing to implement it.  The school also accepts Opt-Out Forms from all parents who do not want their children to take the AzMERIT exam.

AzMERIT and the Arizona Bar Exam.  Would be attorneys never had it so easy.  

The Common Core Tests Cannot be Independently Verified for Validity and Reliability.