Persecuted Christians – Slaughtered because they Believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior

As you attend your Christian church today, consider the strength of your faith.   Are you willing to suffer verbal abuse and even lawsuits the Leftists?  What’s your price for denouncing your closely held beliefs?   Do you crumble when the Religion of Leftism insists that you are a “human rights” violator because you refuse to photograph a wedding ceremony between two men or two women?   Are you too "politically correct" to tell a young woman that an abortion stops a beating heart?  When did murder become a "woman’s right to choose"?  

In America, Christians are routinely demonized by the Leftists and their media allies who call us every name imaginable simply because we refuse to practice the Religion of Leftism.   Christians practice the Religion of Peace and want only to be left alone to do so.  We Christians do not FORCE others to practice our faith.  Invitations to attend church are not mandatory.    

In America, I see more and more of us practicing “cotton candy Christianity.”   We have gutless pastors  whose adoration for Leftism trumps their adoration of Jesus.  We have pastors who would rather perform wedding ceremonies for gay couples than tell them that it’s against their religious beliefs.  We have pastors who sit by and say nothing when a woman “chooses” to stop a tiny heart that beats within her womb.  We have pastors who lecture Arizona senators and representatives about how it’s "un-Christian" of them to not force taxpayers to be charitable.  

They all offend God and Jesus, and call it "human rights."   It isn’t enough that the Leftists want to practice their own religion.  No, they aren’t content until they force everybody to participate in their religious practices. 

Their freedom to swing their fists ends at my nose. 

This is what Christianity Looks Like in other Countries.

Estimates vary, but it’s probably correct that between 100,000 and 176,000, maybe more, Christians are slaughtered every year simply because they are Christians.   Right now, Syrian Christians are terrified that John McCain’s Rebel friends will help topple Assad.  McCain has gone on record to deny the Truth that a Syrian Christian woman told him:  She is not a fan of Assad, but at least he left Christians alone to practice their religion in peace.  McCain’s Rebels include extremist Islamists who will murder Christians.  

But the arrogant idiot McCain lectured her about how he knows more than she does about Syria, and how his brilliant analysis of his friends “the rebels” is far superior to hers.   

The organization International Christian Concern also disagrees with McCain.  They have documented the reality of torture and death that Christians are already facing from McCain’s Islamist “rebels.”  

As stated on their website here

“As Syrian Christians, we used to live in peace under Assad. Assad is not a perfect man, yet he gave the Christians freedom and rights the same as Muslims. We could wear what we wanted and we had churches all over the country.

“Then when the uprising started, we began to see many Islamist jihadists from Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. They began to kill us (the Christians) and other minorities who are considered infidels. The Islamists killed us with knives and even decapitated some and burned down our churches.

“Now, Christians are not welcome under their Islamist rule. No Western country will give us visas. Many times, we feel like the whole world, want to see the Christians of Syria slaughtered!”


If you don’t have the courage to stand up against verbal abuse and lawsuits from the Leftists, then at least DONATE to those who have the courage to practice their faith, in spite of torture and death! 

“Since the civil war in Syria began, Christians have increasingly suffered attacks from radical Islamists. ICC receives reports of murders, rapes, and other atrocities committed against Syrian Christians on a daily basis!

"In the past 18 months, a staggering 2 million Syrians have fled their country to seek refuge in neighboring countries. Syrian Christian leaders are asking for our help for those Christians who have fled. Unable to work, they are desperate. Help is necessary to sustain the families and very little aid has come to them so far.

"We are working directly with churches on the ground to provide the basic needs of food and shelter, so that children and families can stay intact and healthy. To meet the need, we are partnering with other Christian groups to provide food for these Christians."