Petition Drive: More and More Locations! More people Signing!

Just when you think this petition drive is beginning to die down, it spreads like wildfire!  The conservative grassroots voters of Arizona are continuing to pour in to signature sites, even as more sites get established.  Last week, Gilbert Watch sent out an email listing petition gathering sites that are being set up all over the state.  Check out the current list at URAPC.ORG.  Then click on "Locations-Phoenix" and "Locations-Pima" and "Locations-Counties."  There are so many events and signing locations popping up, URAPC.ORG can’t keep up with them!  If YOU have not joined this battle, do it now.  Do NOT let down hundreds of thousands of conservatives who want the opportunity to sign and exert their Civic Authority.    

We are not the "fringe extremists" that Governor Brewer calls us.  We are the Republican base.  “We read the Republican Platform, Governor”!  We stand by it, even if you don’t!   

Know this:  “There is one great thing that you men and women will all be able to say after this war is over and you are home once again. You may be thankful that twenty years from now when you are sitting by the fireplace with your great-grandchild on your knee, and he asks you what you did in the great War to save our Republic, you won’t have to cough, shift him to the other knee and say, "Well, I believed everything Governor Brewer told me.”  No, you can look that child in the eye and say, “Your Grandma joined that battle and got 10 pages of signatures on those petitions, and never stopped fighting for this God-inspired Republic, just like you will some day”!