Pink Slip Patriots

There is a new, energetic, action-packed Constitutional conservative group in the East Valley that’s gaining recognition. Pink Slip Patriots is a group of women (men are welcome!) who have evolved from TEA party demonstrators into front line activists. The term “Pink Slip” means this to an elected official: You may be a wonderful person, but since you’ve been in office, you seem to like the perks and royal treatment better than standing up for our Constitution and conservative principles, so YOU’RE FIRED! Here’s your Pink Slip.

I attended the February 2 evening meeting, which was held at the Best Western Dobson Ranch Inn, Mesa. The main speaker was Dan Schultz. I could list Dan’s impressive credentials, but the most important thing Dan wants you to know about him is that his mission in life is to take back his country, so his children don’t live under socialism. He wants you to do the same for your family. How? Become a Republican Precinct Committeeman (PC). The truth is we have RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) representing us because we have not held them accountable to the Republican platform. Socialism “sounds good,” and “feels good.” It’s easy to let the government take over while you cruise along for the ride…unless you want to be the adult in the driver’s seat.

Dan advocates doing rather than talking. Go here to learn about what being a PC is all about and then become one!

Denna Ray spoke briefly. She and her husband Steve Ray started the Gilbert TEA Party, which evolved into the East Valley TEA Party. The Rays have nurtured many other TEA Party groups into existence, including the Mesa Red Mountain TEA Party.

Jeff Smith, the new Chairman of Republican Legislative District 22, also spoke about the importance of getting involved at the grassroots level. Becoming a Precinct Committeeman is critical to ensuring that we help get true conservatives elected to represent us.

One of the Pink Slip Patriots activities is “Adopt a Politician.” You commit to the adoption, completing a 1-page certificate. Then, introduce yourself to the official and let him know that you will be following his current term in office. Track his words, actions, and votes. When it comes time for re-election, the incumbent won’t be able to campaign based on his promises. You will have his RECORD. Based on that, you might be giving the politician a PINK SLIP. Or a successful re-election!

Senator Russell Pearce will be the main speaker next week, 2/16 at 6:30 pm, Best Western Dobson Ranch Inn, Pergola Room, 1666 S. Dobson Rd, Mesa. (Take the Dobson exit, South, off US60.) Park in the North side parking lot.

Here is the website for Pink Slip Patriots for more information: