Please Help Persecuted Christians

As we celebrate the birthday of God’s only son, Jesus Christ, we need to be reminded that we American Christians are able to attend church services and worship in peace, and to practice our faith. It is the First Freedom, guaranteed by the First Amendment.  However, Christianity is the Most Persecuted Faith Worldwide.   

See below for how you can help.

In much of the world, Christians suffer from daily harrassment, intimidation, exhorbitant taxation,  (aka Jizya), unspeakable torture, beheadings, slavery, rapes, and even crucifixion.  See Report: ISIS Has Crucified, Tortured Thousands of Christians in Iraq, Syria.  

“If nothing is done, it is not impossible that all the Christians in Syria may be wiped out,” stated Syrian Archbishop. 

Even in what should be safe havens, Muslim refugees persecute Christian refugees in German camps.  

At least 100 million Christians are being persecuted for their faith worldwide.

125 million American Christians claim to attend church every week.

What would it look like if each of these Americans stood with those who are persecuted?

Jesus said to turn the other cheek, not look the other way.

Here’s How We can Help

Two organizations that directly support persecuted Christians are Open Doors USA  and Barnabas Fund.  Please find a way to support them.

Please also click HERE to sign a petition, which reads:

We call upon our governments:

1.  To work with governments in the Middle East to provide and support secure areas for displaced Christian communities that have fled from violence and persecution.

2.  To welcome Christian refugees and give them priority as asylum seekers. We urge our politicians and leaders to recognize that Christians are especially targeted and uniquely in need of safe refuge.